These tutorials are derived in a large part from my philosophy on web development. I believe code should be elegant, simple, and reusable. Most importantly, I believe the JavaScript layer of an application should be designed and implemented independent of the server-side of the application.

These tutorials spur from my frustration at the current state of affairs with tutorials online. I hope these tutorials impart not only how but why I’ve designed things this way.

Tutorial List

  1. Model View Controller in JQuery
  2. Bundled and Ordered Asynchronous AJAX
  3. Migrating from WordPress to WordPress MU
  4. Changing WordPress Mu from Subdomains to Subdirectories
  5. More to come… ideas are welcome

2 responses to “Tutorials”

  1. Weise

    sorry to hear about your loved one , I understand now why this project has come to a halt.

    Good luck and God bless.


  2. Ahmed

    please, i have an idea (it’s not that new, but i think it’s a practical one)..
    columnize list according to the number of items per every ul

    I’ve faced two critical situations.. and i had to deal with them through some server-side programming solutions.
    of course you know it’s more practical if we could deal with this issue through any client-side solution such as the one you created before when you created your columnizer jquery plugin..

    Ahmed Effat

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