For Play

WPSearchMu Plugin: wpSearchMu is an offshoot of the excellent wpSearch plugin and enables sitewide search over an entire WordPress Mu installation. It uses the open source Lucene search engine to provide unparalleled search result accuracy for your blog.

WelcomeToYourData WP Plugin: Works in both WordPress and WordPress Mu 2.7. This plugin collects statistics from the WordPress Mu database, Google Analytics, Google Reader, Feedburner, and SlimStats, and provides 1 unified API for processing all of that data.

Columnizer JQuery Plugin: Layout your content into columns on the fly and adjust to different screen widths with this auto-columning plugin. Sample PageSecond Sample. Third Sample.

WordPress Twitter Widget: Small changes to Aaron Campbell‘s Twitter WordPress Plugin to allow for better caching in the case of (1) heavy traffic and (2) Twitter being down.

For Work

Here, File File!: Watch the video! Here, File File! lets you access your Macs’ files (yes – all of your files from all of your Macs!) from your iPhone wherever you are. Browse files and folders, attached storage, network drives, view your files, stream media, and email your files all from your iPhone.

List-o-tron: Easily create, share, and collaborate on  lists with others. To-do lists, shopping lists, wish lists, all available via browser and iPhone. Features real-time multi-user editing.

Retired Jotlet Online Calendar was the first 100% fully AJAX’d web calendar, and the first application to offer a full JavaScript API for rich client side integration. On April 1st, 2008, Jotlet was acquired by Jive Software.